Onk T’attu the river god.

This denizen of the deep is one of my favourite sculptors John Dennett’s creations, available from Moondevil Studio. He’s about 3 1/2″ tall excluding the plinth. I tried to achieve a realistic fishy complexion on his skin by studying photographs of catfish! Great fun to paint, I’m looking forward to doing some more from this range.

2006-04-19 10.40.562006-04-19 10.41.07DSC00360


Fee fi fo fum, an old giant from Grenadier. I’ve had this model for quite some time, he had become a bit bashed and chipped so needed repairing, re basing and revamping.


Eternal Champion

These are from the Citadel miniatures box set “Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion” that came out in the late 80s. I’d painted these a few years back, some of my favourite old minis! Hopefully I can get my hands on some of the figures from the blister packs that came out at the same time.27-4530-48

28-46 29-47



A few of the new plastic republican Romans from Victrix I painted over the last week or so. Great models to paint, but I did manage to stab myself on one of their spears! The shields are LBM transfers.

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Hello and welcome to my blog, where I will be sharing pictures and info about my miniature painting work from past and present. I will also be presenting news about Claymore Castings, a miniatures company David Imrie and myself run, and another top secret project to be revealed!


These are the crossbowmen from the latest Claymore Castings release, sculpted by Matthew Bickley. These are the first of the Crecy 100 Years War range.



More knights/men at arms from the Otterburn range, sculpted by Paul Hicks. These are designed to be armed with either the usual pole arms, or long spears/pikes as some Scottish knights were armed when fighting in schiltron. I gave the one on the right a cut down lance as a makeshift spear, as some knights were armed when dismounted.

You can find the Claymore Castings website here.

More of my painting can be found here.